Tech of the Quarter

Every quarter of the year, Bold spotlights a piece of technology that is utilized for innovation and efficiency.

Fully Automated Assembly Systems

Bold Laser Automation, Inc employees Joe Dagher (Systems Engineering Manager) and Akshat Singh (Senior Engineer) look over the latest automation cell coming out of their group. This is a major milestone in micro part assembly!

    Precision Laser Hole Drilling

    Bold Laser Automation specializes in precision hole drilling of various types of materials. Highlighted, in particular, is the precision drilling of a laminate polymer material. Clean and accurate, Bold delivers beautiful drilling capabilities to custom systems to enhance quality within facilities. 


      Bold Laser Automation is excited to highlight our LPW2424™ Laser Precision Welding System. This marks the third flagship system within the LPW product line that has been shipped out for 2020. This system allows for production ready platforms for welding, soldering and cutting applications and comes with a selection of laser power options from 500W to 3kW.

      LPW2424™ also includes an integrated debris extraction system that provides a safe environment for workers on the process line.


        This quarter, we at Bold have the opportunity to share with our customers the latest in affordable precision laser-based digital fabrication and manufacturing. Our introduction of the LPM500 is a milestone in cost-effective digital manufacturing, where a designer can download a CAD-defined laser pattern to the machine to produce products. This specific application involved a disposable glass substrate used in a medical diagnostics analysis tool. The LPM500 incorporated a user-friendly UR5 Cobot manufactured by Universal Robotics and supplied to us by Neff Automation on an OEM basis since Bold is a value-added OEM integrator of the UR Robots. Bold’s in-house engineering team create a simple nest zone for loading and unloading substrates as well as a rotary indexer to present the substrate in front of the laser for processing. We are utilizing a debris extraction system and customized nozzle for employee safety, while the system performs the micro machining sequence day in and day out.

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