From glass cutting to micro machining, discover Bold’s expert manufacturing abilities

Laser Glass Cutting Products (LGC)

The LGC Series is Bold’s vanguard laser tools for the Glass Industry, enabling our customers to capitalize on the emerging market of thin and thick glass enhanced products within the United States, Europe and South American. 

The LGC Series is a group of solutions to meet specific production requirements, whether for small lot precision components for medical diagnostics, high volume components such as semiconductor wafers, or to larger-scale architecture, automotive and aerospace applications. Bold’s value is the technology it has developed and incorporated within its tools, which allows thin film patterning, tapered cutting, draft angles on hole cutting, and cutting across bent glass.

Laser Precision Cutting Products (LPC)

The Bold LPC Series is a Digital Laser Stamping product that offers an ability to support customers’ access to prototyping and small lot pilot manufacturing prior to committing to complex progressive stamping tools.

With global competition, product manufacturing specialists within the stamping industry need to support their sales channels with tools that allow them to capture new, early-stage, and retain existing customers. 

Implement the digital tools that can support customers who need to prototype, innovate and refine their products before seeking larger-scale volumes

Micro Machining Products (LPM)

Micro machining of materials such as polymers, metals, elastomers, and patterning thin films has opened the door on many new innovative devices and products. Using micro machining, our customers have formed die stamping products to form fluidic channels into a thermal polymer substrate as well as formed channels in glass and polymers for applications such as capillary electrophoresis. Bold’s LPM Series offers a turnkey solution for many of these types of applications.

Laser Precision Welding Products (LPW)

The LPW Series for laser precision welding offers a number of advantages for your facility. Custom built systems allows for machinery to fit your exact needs. Every system comes with a debris extraction system to ensure the safety of employees. This system also doubles throughput and cuts costs on the facility line with the option of adding a second laser rather than having to purchase a second machine.

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