Laser Precision Welding (LPW)

Bold’s Laser Precision Welding (LPW) system is a state of the art creation that will allow facilities to better utilize their space and money

Benefits and Features

Increased Productivity and Savings

LPW provides scalable productivity and reduced capital cost, by providing customers with a system that can be delivered with a single laser head and at a future date adding a second to double throughput.

Integrated Debris Extraction

The LPW options include a high-velocity debris/gas extraction system to handle the effluent developed during the laser process. This extraction provides a safe and clean environment for operators.

Production-Ready Platforms

LPW can be outfitted with a variety of options to perform precision laser welding, solder reflow, cutting, and drilling of polymer, metals, and composite materials.

Laser Power Options

The LPW product line provides options from 500W to 3KW of fiber laser power.

System Highlight: LPW2424

Bold Laser Automation is excited to highlight our LPW2424™ Laser Precision Welding System. This marks the third flagship system within the LP product line that has been shipped out for 2020. This system allows for production ready platforms for welding, soldering and cutting applications and comes with a selection of laser power options from 500W to 3kW.

LPW2424™ also includes an integrated debris extraction system that provides a safe environment for workers on the process line.

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