Laser Precision Manufacturing (LPM)


Micro-machining of materials such as polymers, metals, elastomers, and patterning thin films has opened the door on many new innovative devices and products.  Using micromachining, our customers have formed die stamping products to form fluidic channels into a thermal polymer substrate as well as formed channels in glass and polymers for applications such as capillary electrophoresis. Bold’s LPM Series™ offers a turnkey solution for many of these types of applications.

Benefits and Features

  • Laser Source Options

    Picosecond/Femtosecond lasers, UV (DPSS) Diode Pumped Solid State and Excimer Lasers

  • Precision Stages

    Up to 24”x24” XY and 6” Z-axis design with linear motor and absolute encoders with < 1-micron resolution for ultra-precision applications

  • Customized Fixturing & Automation

    Bold engineering can produce customized tooling/pallet systems for prototype, pilot, and full production applications, including automated loading, unloading, vision inspection, sorting, and packaging automation.

  • Advanced Beam Delivery

    LPM Systems have standard and optional beam delivery sub-systems including, beam shaping modules/optics, trepanning heads, and high-speed dynamic focus control for critical drilling and micromachining applications.



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