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The Essential Role of Fixture Design in Laser-Based Welding Applications

While lasers are undeniably crucial for achieving top-tier welds, the significance of fixture design cannot be overemphasized. A well-crafted fixture is the backbone of the welding process, ensuring stability, repeatability, and, ultimately, the operation’s success. 


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The LPB4040C- A New Path for Thing Glass Substrate Processing

Introducing the state-of-the-art LPB4040C Laser Precision Bessel Structuring System, poised to transform the processing of thin glass substrates.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at the forefront of glass substrate processing technology with the LPB4040C Laser Precision Bessel Structuring System from Bold Laser Automation. Read more below and contact us today to discover the future of precision and efficiency in glass processing.

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Newly Unveiled LASR1205 System Ships Servicing EV Industry

The Bold team continues to develop custom-designed machinery that offers our clients cutting-edge solutions across a multitude of industries. Our recently deployed LASR1205 system provides solder reflow services for next-generation electric vehicles. We are proud of the work that our dedicated professionals continue to do to ensure quality and ingenuity with every system designed. Contact us today for more insight into our LASR series or for other system design solutions.

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3D Printed Parts for Debris Extraction Systems

Top-tier debris extraction should be an essential function of any laser micromachining or microwelding system.

Eliminating hazardous materials at the source of generation increases the likelihood that your employees will never come into contact with or breathe in anything that could harm their health.

At Bold, we employ our unique in-house capabilities to produce bespoke 3D-printed parts for our devices. This allows us to ensure that our extraction systems are appropriately fitted and of the highest quality.

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The Modular Laser Scanning Measurement and Inspection System for Enhanced Quality Assurance

The 3D3000 is a tool that offers opportunities for repaid inspection of complex assemblies where various reference planes and datums are correlated to critical mounting features, where traditional CMMs fail.” 

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New Contract Precision Assembly and Specialty Fixturing Division


Introducing our new Contract Precision Assembly and Specialty Fixturing division at Bold! From design, to prototype, engineering, and manufacturing, we cover a multitude of industries including aerospace, medical, automotive, and industrial sectors. Providing exceptional service and support at all levels, we collaborate closely with clients to assess particular problems and present specialized solutions for their facility needs.

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Our Latest Article is Out | How TIG Welding Cobots Support an Automation Enhanced Workforce


The past 10 years have seen a continuation of middle-to-low-skill jobs being replaced, creating an opportunity for the welding industry to implement automation to develop new high-value-added projects that can attract and retain new employees.

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Our Latest Article is Out | The Automation Enhanced Workforce


Could targeted automation be a way to bridge or even close the workforce skills gap?

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Our Latest Article is Out | Ramping Up the World of Bio-fabrication


Whether it’s new drugs or therapeutics undertaken in a safely controlled manner that will, one day, relieve people from disabling injuries and disease, we firmly believe that our hybrid processing tool, a product that utilizes our mix of Laser and Microfabrication Bioprinting (LaMB), will be instrumental in taking bio-fabrication to the next level. Learn more below!

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Our Latest Article is Out | Discover the Importance of Proper Debris Extraction Systems for Laser-based Microfabrication Technology


Our company discusses the value, potential risks, and future of critical debris extraction systems. Learn more below!

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Bold on the cover of the latest CMM issue 


Hello Spring! Check out our image of a micromachinedmicrofabricated 3D flat coil on the cover of the April issue of Commercial Micro Manufacturing

On the cover: A 3D flat coil for an embedded device in a PCB for noise suppression. It involved micro-molding of the pockets, deposition of thin-film metals, and laser patterning of the metalized film.

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Introducing the 3DS1010- Our Latest 3D Scanning and Inspection System For Microelectronic Applications


This cost-effective and sleek 3D and 2D inspection and scanning system is ready for facility integration for a multitude of applications such as microelectronic assemblies, medical devices, metal castings inspection, and polymer molded products. Click to learn more!


Our New LMS-XY Linear Positioning Stage Has Arrived


The LMS-XY linear positioning stage from Bold Laser Automation Inc. is an industrialized aluminum device suited for high-volume, high-speed precision ablation, and cutting applications. Click to learn more!


Laser Functional Trimming For Precision Sensor Development and Manufacturing


Bold is excited to offer our LFT-500 Series Laser Functional Trimming platform for the manufacture of precision sensor devices, for the medical, aerospace and commercial marketplace. Learn more in the link!



Bold Laser Automation Debuts Laser Tools For Catheters and Stents


Bold now offers the LMM500 series of laser tools for early-stage creation of medical devices such as catheters and stents. Learn more in link!



Bold Introduces Laser System For Micro Assembly Applications


The LPMA1000 Series small-component modular assembly automation platform has uses in precision laser welding, skiving (material removal), and drilling. Learn more in link!


Bold Ships Flagship UR Robotic Platform for Laser Based Microfabrication Applications


The LPF-UR5P Series laser microfabrication system includes options for laser drilling, trimming, welding, marking, and laser soldering. Learn more in link!



Bold Ships Third Flagship System of 2020


The LPW2424 is a shining example of Bold’s engineering capabilities as we head further into the year. Read more about this system in US Tech Solutions!


Digital Laser Stamping Takes Off


Exciting news! Read our feature in Industrial Lasers Magazine about the push for digital laser stamping technology developed by Bold Laser Automation, Inc. Discover how this newly utilized method is delivering new digital production capabilities for the stamping industry.


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