High-Speed Debris & Gas Extraction For Optimized Laser Processing

Debris Extraction

Bold Laser Automation’s Health and Safety group develops debris, plume, process gas extraction and mitigation subsystems. With standardized vacuum units, vacuum timesharing technology, centrifugal particle traps, high capacity/micron filtration, and customized extraction nozzle assemblies, a process is optimized and safe to operate. Designing for employee/operator health and well-being is a critical aspect of laser system design. With Bold Laser Automation, an optimized solution can be tailored to the most challenging debris mitigation problem.


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Bold’s Patented Vacuum Timesharing Technology and Hardware solution is called EXTRAC HV and VXTurret. The VXTurret technology’s core is the simultaneous synchronization of motion control to interpolate laser pulsing to the motion path and optimized vacuum extraction. When synchronized to where the process is the most efficient, optimum, and safe for the operators’ health, eliminating toxic gases, debris, and other effluent is created, during the process.

Custom Extraction Nozzles


Bold Laser Automation is a specialist in vacuum extraction, debris extraction, and safety when it comes to advanced materials being processed by lasers.
The optimization of debris mitigation and extraction requires synchronization with the optical beam delivery system and matched to the specific laser-material interaction, plume dynamics, needed cyclonic action, and motion. A proper Debris and Gas extraction system provides both a safe environment for an operator and a repeatable laser process.

Shown above is a complex geometry for a laser process extraction application within high-speed automation.

Shown is a clear debris and gas extraction nozzle for a laser ablation process, which ablates dielectrics from printed circuit board laser where higher volumes of material are selectively removed from a PCB substrate.


This video shows a high-speed debris and gas extraction system for microelectronic packaging applications.  You can see how the plume bends into the entrainment flow of the vacuum nozzle.  Such high-speed flow provides the bulk material entrainment/extraction of both the dielectric and its thermal filler materials such as silica.

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