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New System Ensures Precise Thickness Measurements for Glass, Foils, and Filters 

July 11th, 2024 – Bedford, NH –Bold Laser Automation Inc. is proud to unveil a state-of-the-art differential thickness measurement device, the MicroM080 system. This advanced platform handles a diverse array of industrial material, setting new benchmarks for critical measurements in the semiconductor, glass, medical engineering, and plastics industries.

The MicroM080 system is a confocal measuring device that utilizes opposing sensors for fast and accurate thickness measurements. At the heart of the system is Bold Laser Automation’s proprietary dual-opposing, confocal laser sensing technology, integrated into a robust C-Frame system. This cutting-edge technology represents a leap forward in non-contact measurements, meeting rigorous demands for measuring coated and uncoated film and foils used in converting operations.

The MicroM080 system is particularly beneficial for industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, where consistent material thickness is crucial for drug delivery systems and filtration processes. Additionally, sectors involved in flexible packaging, electronics manufacturing, and medical device production can leverage the system’s capabilities to enhance quality control, optimize production efficiency, and maintain stringent regulatory compliance.

“Our team is thrilled to unveil the MicroM080 system, which represents a paradigm shift in how material thickness is measured. It has unique capabilities for transparent materials such as film and glass and opaque materials from 5 microns to greater than 25 millimeters in thickness,” said Todd Lizotte, CEO of Bold Laser Automation.

“This platform not only ensures precise measurements but also optimizes operational workflows, aligning seamlessly with the stringent requirements of high-precision manufacturing and configurable for roll-to-roll and discrete sample measurements.”

The MicroM080 system by Bold Laser Automation is poised to redefine the standards of material thickness measurement, delivering unmatched precision and efficiency across various high-precision manufacturing processes.





Key Features and Benefits:

Dual Keyence CL Sensor Technology: Bold Laser Automation has extensive experience in integrating confocal laser sensors using dual-opposing differential sensors to ensure precise measurements.

Customizable XY Stage: The MicroM080 system is equipped with an XY stage designed for smooth and accurate movement of material assemblies through the measuring zone, enabling detailed thickness measurements across various points of the material surface.

Comprehensive Data Management: Real-time thickness data is displayed on the system’s interface and can be exported effortlessly to CSV and Excel formats for further analysis. An optional integrated printer facilitates immediate documentation and review of measurement results.

User-Defined Resolution: Operators can customize measurement parameters to suit specific requirements, including defining measurement points across the material area, ensuring flexibility in data collection and analysis.

Post-Production Analysis: The MicroM080 system archives comprehensive data for each material measured, facilitating batch analysis and detailed post-production reporting. High-resolution data visualization tools provide insights for process optimization and quality control.


A New Method to Lower Costs of Industrial Picosecond and Femtosecond Optical Beam Delivery Systems  

June 27, 2024 – Bedford, NH – Bold Laser Automation, Inc., a leader in advanced laser technology, is proud to announce significant strides in 1) reducing the cost of industrial picosecond and femtosecond optical beam delivery systems, and 2) making these sophisticated systems available to a broader marketplace. The cornerstone of this development is the introduction of modular components that can be reconfigured, such as the various optic holders and positioners used to set up the optical system.

This advanced tooling solution ensures precise adjustability of optical beam line elements to drive innovation across various industries, including medical devices, microelectronics, consumer goods, and industrial inkjet. With seamless adaptation of beam delivery systems, Bold Laser Automation enables manufacturers to cater to the specific demands of each unique project.

These custom modular components offer flexibility for diverse applications such as precision hole drilling for inkjet nozzle plates, fluid metering and precise drug delivery systems, and microelectronic interconnects.

“In the face of increasing competition from China, it is crucial for U.S. manufacturers to maintain an advantage through the adoption of cutting-edge micro- and nano-machining technologies,” said Todd E. Lizotte, CEO at Bold Laser Automation. ” Our commitment to driving down costs without compromising on quality underscores our support for American manufacturing at the forefront of innovation. By enhancing accessibility, we hold an essential competitive edge in the global market.”

For more information on Bold Laser Automation’s latest offerings and how they are revolutionizing the field of industrial laser technology, please visit or contact Bold at 603-413-5601.




Multi axis adjustable apeture mount 

Bold Laser Automation Introduces Innovative Laser Safety Mirrors for Enhanced Optical System Alignment 

June 13th, 2024 – Bedford, NH – Bold Laser Automation, Inc., is excited to unveil its latest breakthrough in laser technology: Laser Safety Mirrors (LSM). These mirrors provide a streamlined and efficient means of aligning laser optical systems, eliminating the need for traditional—and more expensive—techniques such as alignment cards or complex beam imaging devices. This innovation, based on a technology developed by Todd E. Lizotte, CEO of Bold Laser Automation, represents a significant advancement in both industrial and academic laser applications, ensuring precision alignment, cleanroom and laboratory safety, and reduced laser system downtime.

The Laser Safety Mirrors leverage a unique mechanism that forms a quick, observable spot based on the typical 0.1% leakage into the bulk substrate of the mirrors. This design ensures precise alignment while maintaining the integrity of the optical laser beam delivery systems. The mirror designs are offered with the following specifications:


        • Offered in the LSM1 (1-inch) and LSM2 (2-inch) mirror diameters
        • Compatible with these wavelengths:
          (NIR) 1064nm-1080nm
          (VIS) 514nm-532nm
          (UV) 355nm-266nm

“Traditional alignment methods, such as burn cards, pose significant risks especially in cleanroom environments required for applications involving medical device manufacturing and semiconductor production,” explained Todd E. Lizotte. “Our laser safety alignment mirrors not only prevent potential contamination but also enhance the safety and efficiency of the alignment process and reduce downtime.”

Cleanroom environments necessitate stringent controls to prevent contamination. Conventional burn cards used for alignment can catch fire or generate particles that compromise the cleanliness and integrity of these sensitive environments. The Laser Safety Mirrors from Bold mitigate these risks, offering a safer and cleaner alternative for aligning industrial lasers.

Bold Laser Automation’s commitment to advancing laser technology continues to drive innovation in the industry. The introduction of laser safety mirrors underscores the company’s dedication to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers.




A Bold Laser Safety Mirror ensures precise alignment of the laser beam on the LSM2 optical laser beam delivery system  

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