CoBOLD UR Robot Integration

Application Examples


UR Robot Pick and Place

– ESD Sensitive Components Handling
– Component Visual/ Dimensional Inspection
– NC Machining Centers/ Load-Unload
– Dip Coating/ Dryer
– Functional and Dimensional Sorting (Micro-Macro Scales
– Tray to Functional Tester Inserting to Tray Sort (Go/ No Go)

UR Robot Laser Precision Welding and UV Bonding

– Micro Laser Stake Welding Plastics
– Micro Laser Seam Welding Plastics
– Micro Welding Clear Plastics
– Micro Laser Welding Metal Tabs and Electrical Connectors
– Micro Laser Soldering HI-LED Lamps
– Micro UV Bonding


UR Robot Laser Micromachining

– Micro Laser Edge Deletion (Selective Thin Film Removal)
– Micro Laser Wire Stripping (32 to 40 Gauge Wire)
– Micro Laser Trimming (ESD Strap Cuts/ Resistors)


UR Robot Laser Marking 

– Macro and Micro Laser Serialization
– Macro and Micro Laser Marking (Repetitive Codes)


UR Robot Visual Inspection 

– Dimensional Measurement
– Visual Defects

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