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Laser Functional Trimming for Precision Sensor Development and Manufacturing

Bold Laser Automation, Inc is excited to offer our LFT-500 Series Laser Functional Trimming platform for the manufacture of precision sensor devices, for the medical, aerospace, and commercial marketplace. Learn more below!

Bold Laser Automation Debuts Laser Tools For Catheters and Stents

Bold Laser Automation, Inc now offers the LMM500 series of laser tools for early-stage creation of medical devices such as catheters and stents. Also, when prototyping requires quick turn and iterative test devices, the LMM500 can be used as a laser micromachining tool for 2D and 3D laser processing. Learn more below!

Bold Laser Automation’s internal automation group is shipping fully automated assembly systems for laser micro welding and laser drilling

Utilizing an array of standardized products such as bowl feeders, hopper dispensers, linear feeders, pick and place modules, and a host of walking beam designs, the Bold team can craft a custom automation cell with a quick turnaround.  Bold has seen increased interest in discrete assembly laser tools and has met the requirements with various UR Cobot platforms and table size assembly lines.  

Bold Ships Flagship UR Robotic Platform for Laser Based Microfabrication Applications

The LPF-UR5P Series laser microfabrication system includes options for laser drilling, trimming, welding, marking, and laser soldering. Learn more below!

Dual Robotic Grippers

Bold Laser Automation Dual Robotic Grippers are a part of a high throughput automation cell for medical devices being built by the Bold Laser Automation Team. With force feedback and micro grip design. 

Bold Ships Flagship LPW2424 Platform for Critical Micro Welding Applications

The LPW2424 is a shining example of Bold’s engineering capabilities as we head further into the year. Read more about this system below!

Precision Laser Hole Drilling

Bold Laser Automation, Inc specializes in precision hole drilling of various types of materials. Highlighted, in particular, is the precision drilling of a laminate polymer material. Clean and accurate, Bold delivers beautiful drilling capabilities to custom systems to enhance quality within facilities. 

Laser Integration

Bold™ approaches laser integration beginning from material science. We start with the plasma physics and carefully select an appropriate optical beam delivery and laser to meet the required production goals.

Laser Process Development

Bold™ Laser Process Development group offers process development capabilities with solutions that include Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (UV, IR), Fiber (1030-1080 nm), CO2 (9.3 and 10.6 micron) and ultrafast lasers (Picosecond/Femtosecond – 1064nm and 532nm).

Laser Glass Cutting

Glass cutting can be accomplished in many ways. CO2 Laser, Direct ablative and Filamentation.

Laser Drilling

Precision Laser Drilling is a technology enabler across many fields of endeavor. From fuel injection, inkjet, pulmonary drug delivery, fluidic metering to advanced catheter drug delivery, drilling a simple hole provides only half the solution in MOST cases.

Cobot Automation

Bold™ is a value-added developer of Universal Robotic systems for automated material handling and assembly processes found in NC Machining Applications for feeding raw materials. Bold’s modular platform offers customers an opportunity for greater efficiency and our flexible design produces at a much more competitive price that allows our customers quicker return on investment (ROI).


Bold’s™ engineering capabilities allow us to support our customers’ projects from concept to pilot production, then all the way to scaling up for full-scale production. The Bold Product Development Process utilizes a phase-gate approach to ensure all design, manufacturing, health & safety, regulatory, and quality requirements for a process or engineered system or tooling is met.

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Although Bold Laser Automation Engineering takes pride in its large-scale projects, the team is also very experienced in customized tooling, specialized vacuum chucks, fixturing and product development project management. Many of Bold’s projects are often complex and require heavy coordination among a cross-functional engineering team as well as with the end client’s engineers and facility professionals.  Clear and thorough communication is key to any successful project.  Bold’s diverse team knowledge, coupled with its creativity allows for the best possible results when applying laser technology to modern product manufacturing.

What makes Bold Laser Automation Engineering so special is our team’s versatility and depth of knowledge across various industries when it comes to projects. Regardless of size, each project is treated with the same attention to detail, coordination, and planning.


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